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Avtivities Contests 26.10.2012

Paulna Richert winner of the „Przystanek Bruksela”


19 October in Dworek Sierakowski in Sopot was ceremony with handing of diplomas in the "Przystanek Bruksela" contest. The winner of this contest was Paulina Richert.

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Contests events 18.06.2012

Baltic Sea and the scholars of Podlaskie

On the 16th -17th of June as a reward for winning in “The best chronicle” competition” the scholars of Podlaskie travelled to the Baltic Sea to meet with the scholars from Gdynia to jointly explore Gdańsk and Sopot. The train journey was long, but the view outside the window was so beautiful that we arrived at the sea with high enthusiasm for the weekend ahead. After checking in the seashore Hostel "Cock or a Hen," we went to the beach to admire the beauty and colors of the Baltic Sea. After a delicious marine fish meal we went to visit the Sopot Pier and admire the architecture of this fairytale city. In the evening we supported our Polish soccer team in the Sopot Fane Zone. Unfortunately, our singing and shouting did not help us get out of the group, but despite that - the experience of this trip will forever be with us. On Sunday we visited the Old Town in Gdansk. Full of inspirations and memories we came back to Bialystok making plans for the summer holidays together!

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